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Pickles was handed in after a lovely lady had developed dementia and couldn't care for her and her other friends anymore. She is a sweet cat that loves a fuss and being a little bit goofy, she has been a baby sitter for our kittens within the rescue as she has a true motherly instinct. 
I love to chat with everybody and I always want you to give me some good snacks, let's have a nice meal and a big cuddle in bed!
Gender: Female
Age: Approx 3 Years 


Costs: To adopt one of our beautiful cats we ask a minimum donation of £85, this covers costs for neutering, flea/worming treatment and their microchip! 

Within the first 2 weeks: There are numerous reasons sometimes adoption doesn't work out to plan whether it's your cats don't get along with the newly adopted one or you feel you just don't bond too well together, you are more than welcome to return the cat back to our care. 

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