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Cats for adoption

If you would like to visit the cats you must book in advance, please call Mac on 01922 415940 - thanks! 

Costs: To adopt one of our beautiful cats we ask a minimum donation of £70, this covers costs for neutering, de fleaing, worming, vaccinations and their microchip! 

Within the first 2 weeks: There are numerous reasons sometimes adoption doesn't work out to plan whether its your cats don't get along with the newly adopted one or you feel you just don't bond too well together, you are more than welcome to return the cat back to our care. 

We are currently focusing on rehabilitating 'un-adoptable' cats to ensure they have a fair chance of a loving family once they are ready...keep an eye out for them ;)

The term 'un-adoptable' is used to describe anything from feral/partially feral cats to cats who have come from an abusive background and are naturally cautious of human interaction. 

Every cat deserves a chance of a loving home and it is our mission to help where we can!

In light of the coronavirus pandemic we have been unable to re-home or take in cats as we usually would. As we have come out of lockdown we have been able to take in a small number of cats however we are waiting for them to have their injections and to be neutered ready for their forever homes! 

Stay tuned :) 


Name: Patch

Age: 1 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: I love attention and am a vocal little girl - i just love a cat chat! I enjoy cuddles, especially at night time when you're snuggled in bed!

I prefer being indoors though do like to have an adventure in the great outdoors

I get along with other cats and children of all ages. 

Currently I live with my Foster Mum who is in Cannock, i would love to find a loving home :)  



Name: Bella

Age: 4 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: Its as simple as...i just want love. I'm so ready to be welcomed into the life of a loving family! 

I enjoy chilling out in my pen watching the other cats 'do their thing' i don't mind other cats but i like to keep myself to myself :) 



Name: Bubbles

Age: 2.5 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: I am so affectionate i wont be able to leave you alone! I just love people of any age! I get along with other cats just fine too.

I have a playful nature and would love to be welcomed into a loving family or a single person - i would make a great companion :) 

If you do want to adopt me I am just on a waiting list to be neutered then im all yours! 



Name: Bobbi

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Female

Personality: I'm a friendly little girl with a lot of love to give the right family who will open their hearts up to me :) I get along with other cats wonderfully! I hope to see you soon!


As we receive more and more cats, this page is updated frequently, as we rescue stray cats and unfortunate unwanted cats we do have to take time rehabilitating them ready for re-homing! :) 

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